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ALÓS is a New York City based architectural design practice led by Lydia Xynogala with built projects in New York,  London and the Greek Islands. 

•  253 West 76 Street, #7,  New York, NY 10023 

We work with simple geometries and play with material layers, historical and cultural narratives; drawing inspiration and methodologies from the natural world, the realms of geology, chemistry and botany.



Edgware Road Lobby

A commision to design a ceiling mounted installation for a new residential development in London’s Edgware Road.

Our proposal is inspired by the history of this street, traditionally an Arabic neighborhood. The design is based on elements of calligraphy that are transformed into 3-dimensional ceramic objects suspended upon entry. They create a subtle play of color and a welcoming passage into the main concierge desk. Lighting is integrated into the delicate wire structure.

Program    Residential
Scope        Interior Design / Art Installation
Status        In Progress
Year            2018
Location      London, England
in collaboration with Candida Wigan, Tex-Tile