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alos is a practice for architecture and design founded by Lydia Xynogala in New York, producing buildings, environments and objects.

projects begin with rigorous research and experimentation. through simple geometries they engage material properties, sites and cultural narratives at various scales and formats.

• 253 West 76 Street, #7
  New York, NY 10023




Architecture &

            • House in Achladies
            • Ennismore Gardens House
            • Three Guesthouses
            • Recess Art
            • Madison Avenue Jewlery
            • Dark Ecology of Magnitorgosk


            • Return of La Belle Jardiniere
            • Recess Desk
            • Storefront Souvenir
            • À Rebours Bed
            • Stationary Stationery
            • Art Collector Cabinet


            • Mendeleev’s Maps
            • On Sulfur
            • Thermal Span
            • 11 Versions of a Constructivist City

Lydia Xynogala 
253 West 76th St., #7
New York, NY 10023