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alos is a practice for architecture and design led by Lydia Xynogala in New York.

engaging with material and cultural narratives the practice produces work at various scales and formats:
buildings, interiors, environments, objects and texts.

• 253 West 76 Street, #7
  New York, NY 10023 
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House in Achladies

Situated on a sloping triangular site facing the sea, the house is conceived as a series of parallel adjoining rooms. They are created by retaining walls, a common feature in the surrounding Mediterranean landscape.

Each room sits at a different elevation following the topography and contains a dedicated program.  A stair makes the slope flow into the house; the first interior experience is that of a viewing apparatus onto the sea.
Each space is focused on a large opening to the south, contemplating the sea and complemented by a smaller northern one towards the slope. These openings also provide efficient cross ventilation for each room.

Volumes are in shear, a condition that ensures that each outdoor terrace has privacy even if the volumes are adjoining.

The concept of “aggregate” was a generator of form and selection of materials. Aggregation of volumes, aggregate in the raw concrete walls, in the terrazzo floor, roofs filled with gravel and plants.

Sliding doors through the double walls mark the passage from one space to the next. The notion of a “cut” through the solid concrete walls is emphasized by the grey marble of the thresholds. Facing the road, the east and west facades have no openings; this further protects the interior from the sun. A barely visible configuration of spaces conveys privacy with maximum views towards the sea. Desks, storage spaces, bathroom sinks, dressers, artwork cases: built-in furniture are custom designed and arranged along the centerline of the plan creating a dynamic sequence. Materials were used that are very familiar in older Greek residential interiors such as terrazzo floors, marble and plaster render; they are used in spaces, forms and combinations not so familiar.

Skiathos Island, Greece
200 sqm

Yiorgis Yerolymbos