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is a collaborative architecture practice founded by Lydia Xynogala
~operates across formats and scales
~~constructs buildings, objects, environments, interiors, stories
~~~produces through built artefacts and their material affects
~~~~engages architecture’s role in environmental and cultural narratives 
~~~~~~works through commisioned or self initiated projects, exhibitions, research
~~~~~~~embraces processes and methods from the arts and the natural sciences
is a sum of acronyms of the practice’s ongoing interests and activities

ongoing and built projects, EU/US
a ground-up house, three guesthouses, a  non-profit art space, commission to design a park and waterfront, renovation of a Victorian house, art collector’s apartment, interiors of a preschool, objects (for Storefront for Art and Architecture LMAK Gallery NY).


publications / features: Domuse-flux architectureWallpaper* MagazineDezeen, Architectural Digest, ArchdailyCorriere Dela Serra, Rizzoli Book, DOMES ,Elle Decor Italia , DIVISARE

Columbia GSAPP, The Cooper Union, City College CCNY New York, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, undergraduate/graduate studios and seminars. 2012-present

Lydia Xynogala

is an architect, writer and educator. She works between New York, Zurich and Athens. Her research investigates natures of care and the tactics of material processes along with their by-products;  questioning traditional dichotomies of the built and the natural, her focus is on environments as fuzzy assemblages.

    Her work has been presented and exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, Van Alen Institute, gta exhibitions ETH Zurich, AIA New York Center for Architecture, Chemical Heritage Foundation and in conferences-Society of Architectural Historians, Architectural Humanities Research Association, History of Science Society- among others. Her writing is published in e-flux architecture, Kerb Journal, Pidgin, Yale Paprica, Desired Landscapes and A Public Space. Her research project The Dark Ecology of Magnitogrosk, was published by Princeton University.

She holds degrees from Princeton University (Stanley J. Seeger Fellowship)  the Cooper Union (Thesis Prize, Humanities Prize and Leslie Design award) and the Bartlett, UCL. Lydia has taught, lectured and coordinated design workshops in the US, Europe and in China. She is a doctoral fellow at the ETH, gta institute for the History and Theory of architecture.

Collaborators, current and past
Luis Vargas, Miaoting He, Dimitris Stathoulopoulos, Rolande Namegabe, Lan Hua Weng, Andrew Keung, Hamees Gabr, Candida Wigan, Derek Lange, Clara Dykstra, Pablo Toubes-Rieger, Marina Santos, Cameron Fullmer, Henry Decrausaz, Matthew Storrie, Neda Mostafavi, Simone Frazier

more press,
Athens Voice, 2020.07.21
Athinorama, 2020.07.16
Glow, 2019.25.03
Wallpaper* Magazine, 2018.06.29
Domes International Review of Architecture, 2018.05.01
Dezeen, 2017.03.07
Wallpaper* Magazine, 2017.01.06
Elle France, 2017.07.11
Lifo Greece, 2017.07.16

ALOS can be
Architecture - Landscape - Object - Story
Analyzes - Learns - Organizes - Studies
Advanced - Land - Observing - Station
Atelier - Laboratory - Office - Studio
Alternative - Liaisons - On - Space
Another - Local - Ordinary - Salon.
Aggregate - Lateral - Ore - Strata
Analog - Love - Of - Stuff