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Recess Art Gallery

Recess is a non-profit Art Space. Their programs reimagine traditional studio, exhibition, and classroom platforms, offering artists, audiences, and program participants flexible frameworks in which to generate new works and ideas.

For their new headquarters in the Brooklyn Navy yards, we produced custom furniture designed space layouts for the public spaces and private offices. Low-budget, great flexibility and ease to replicate, were the design objectives. Common construction materials are the components for all the furniture. A steel element, the Recess Leg, adds a detail to an otherwise standardized material assembly.
A square peg in a round hole. It is installed in different heights to create desks, benches, sofas. Standard lumber sheets become large desks for the offices, a long sofa for the public, benches, smaller meeting room tables. This array of furniture forming components allows Recess to compose various configurations for both work and public viewing.

The Bridge Space on the ground floor is conceived as an in-between space, prior to entering the artist’s studio and gallery. A long linear sofa for reading can be broken down into smaller units for a more intimate performance, book reading, screening. As Recess grows and expands, these furniture can be easily reproduced and rearranged to fit new needs.

Interior Design, Custom Furniture
Brooklyn, New York
Nick Johnson